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Posted on: October 11, 2011 12:43 am

In The Trenches: Week 5 Thoughts

In The Trenches: Week 5 Thoughts

Posted on October 10, 2011 by David S. London <!-- .entry-meta -->

R.I.P. Al Davis (1929-2011), you always said it best; Just Win Baby!

Raiders Win With Heavy Hearts-The NFL lost a longtime member in Al Davis on Saturday, leaving Raider Nation with heavy hearts along with many other who appreciated all of Davis’ efforts.  Head Coach Hue Jackson was very emotional after the 25-20 victory over the Houston Texans, as Oakland fought down to the wire, as Michael Huff’s interception in the end zone as time expired sealed the win.  The Chargers may be the favorite to win the division, but their sloppy play remains a weekly trend, and with the Raiders providing a legitimate foe, the AFC West may not be won till December.

Eagles Solidifying Bust Label-Head Coach Andy Reid doesn’t want to talk about this alleged Dream Team, much less the playoffs.  Much like Jim Mora, Reid might just hope the Eagles can win a game, another game as Philadelphia has lost four straight. Michael Vick had another performance which left many with mixed feelings.  On one hand, Vick threw for 315 yards and ran for 90.  On the other hand, Vick threw four interceptions, giving him seven on the year.  Vick had six all of last season. The dream has become a nightmare.  

A Giant Fall-New York had blown out Seattle the last two times they met in the regular season and this one looked to be the same, at least on paper.  Then they played the game, which didn’t quite turn out as expected.  The Seahawks stunned the Giants as double-digit underdogs with a 36-25 victory.  Seattle’s offense showed some life, consistently sustaining long drives on a typically reliable Giants defense.  It didn’t help that Eli broke his turnover-free streak at three, clinching the game for Seattle with a pick six in the red zone.

Saints Slip Past Cam-With each passing game, all the Cam Newton doubters look more and more foolish.  Carolina continues to sneak up on teams and give them a run for their money.  New Orleans saw themselves trailing 27-23 in the fourth quarter.  The Saints also have a pretty solid quarterback in Drew Brees, while the Panthers defense, not so much.  30-27 win for New Orleans.

Colts Remain Winless-It looked like Peyton Manning was under center during the first half with Indianapolis leading 17-0.  Ok maybe not that great, but the Colts looked primed for their first win of the season.  In a season that has seen little offense support the defense, it was the defense who let down, allowing Kansas City’s normally non-existent offense to put up 28 points on the board.  Two positives for the Colts, there’s always next week and reports say Peyton Manning’s return to the field this week remains questionable.

Cardinals Look Awful-This is usually where we come to terms with the fact that Donovan McNabb is a shell of his former self, but the Cardinals looked so bad, he gets a reprieve for a week.  Transitions are difficult for anyone coming to a new team, especially when it’s a quarterback.  That being said, Kevin Kolb has not quite lived up to expectations as Arizona has started 1-4.  Him and Larry Fitzgerald have not been connecting as much as one would hope, namely fantasy football owners (most importantly).  The Cardinals slow start would’ve been no big deal, except for the fact that the 49ers have plans of a record over .500 in what many figured was a division race for 8 wins.

Patriot Vindication-Rewind to last January, and Bart Scott was feeling pretty good after taking down the Patriots in the Divisional Round, reminding everyone that New England’s defense can’t stop a nosebleed and the win was poetic justice (just go with it).  This time around it was the Patriots who bent the Jets over and gave Rex Ryan and Co. a good ol’ spanking, 30-21.  The score misrepresents a game which New England controlled throughout.  The Jets have lost 3 in a row and are doing themselves no favors with a slow start.  On the bright side, the running game had its best showing and the Miami Dolphins on Monday Night Football may be the pick-me-up the Jets need.

49ers Raid Bucs-Apparently San Francisco had other plans when the NFC West was deemed a .500 record at best.  The 49ers opened plenty of eyes after walloping Tampa Bay 48-3.  Presumed a bust by all, Alex Smith has looked like, well, not Alex Smith, with a 7:1 TD:INT ratio, providing San Francisco with stable play under center.  A few more wins, and the 49ers may have locked up the NFC West.

An Iffy 4-1- (San Diego)-A win is a win is a win, but San Diego’s 4-1 record feels nothing like it should.  The Chargers have allowed teams like the Broncos and Chiefs to compete down to the wire when they should be blowing them out.  The Chargers can’t afford to slack off with the Raiders in their division as previously discussed.

New Sheriff In Green Bay-It pains me to give this man any attention, but much like a car accident, you can’t help but look and discuss.  Brett Favre is many words, alleged sextor, diva, sourpuss, wrangler jeans model, etc.  For those of you who didn’t hear Favre’s radio appearance, he does his best to take a passive-agressive shot at Rodgers, saying that Rodgers is alright, but fell into a good situation and should’ve won a Super Bowl sooner.  Right, because winning a Super Bowl is as easy said as it is done, and you won a bunch yourself.  Just kidding, it was only one, the same amount as Rodgers.  All the while, Rodgers isn’t throwing an interception while one leaves to go to the bathroom, or simply closes their eyes for just a second.  Looks like Favre sees people marveling at the stud that is Rodgers and he just can’t handle the lack of attention.  As far as the game, Rodgers and the Packers fell behind early, 14-0, then climbed out behind Rodgers’ reliable arm to win 25-14.  Rodgers was lights out, again, throwing for 396 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Soon this will become merely a blip as Rodgers has made these jaw-dropping performances routine dating back to last January.

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