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Posted on: October 27, 2011 12:35 pm

In The Trenches: Week 7 Thoughts

Primetime Thoughts

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Feels great to be a Miami Dolphin, poetic justice and all...not.

Dolphins Welcome Tebow-The Tim Tebow hype had reached inappropriate proportions already, but having his first start of the season in Miami - where they decided to honor the Florida Gators' 2008 National Championship team, which was led by the aforementioned Tebow - the only thing that could make this more unpleasant for Dolphins fans would be if Tebow then won his homecoming.  Miami looked well on there way to stomping on the celebration, leading 15-0 with a little over five minutes to go.  But what was a storybook day for Tebow ended in such fashion as the Dolphins aided the comeback, collapsing 18-15 in overtime.  I'm not buying this Tebow mania just yet, so the focus here is on the lifeless Dolphins.  Two thoughts in particular: did Miami really expect Tebow not to run up the middle on the two-point conversion and will Tony Sparano make it past Halloween before getting canned.

Jets Takeoff After Early Turbulence-A fumble return for a touchdown on your fourth offensive play isn't exactly the ideal start nor is trailing 21-10 at halftime against an alleged offensive juggernaut in San Diego.  But the Jets stood up and were able to do what has been missing for much of the season, lengthy drives that ended in scores.  It's difficult to do that without a running game to get you those much-need short gains to keep the defense honest, which Shone Greene provided with 112 yards on 20 carries.  It's a statement win for the Jets and their biggest one of the season, but let's not overlook what's going on with the ChargersPhilip Rivers has looked nothing like the Pro Bowl quarterback of season's past and with the Oakland Raiders proving to be a legitimate foe, they might be in trouble if Rivers can't get out of his early season slump with a  7:9 TD:INT ratio in six games.

Should The Lions Panic?-The NFL is a league all about the present, one week a team looks unstoppable, the next simply human.  Case in point, the Detroit Lions.  That 5-0 start is now a distant memory after two consecutive losses.  The running game seems to have been grounded and doesn't look to be getting any better with Jahvid Best's latest concussion.  It doesn't help that Matthew Stafford is dealing with a leg injury himself and is questionable for Sunday against the Broncos

Texans Romp Titans-If you needed any more evidence that the AFC South is all but in the bag for the Houston Texans, look no further than Sunday's 41-7 blowout over Tennessee.  That was without Andre JohnsonArian Foster looks healthy, piling up 234 total yards and 3 touchdowns. 

Redskins Injury Pile Up-Cam Newton has been tough to stop this season and Washington was the latest team to get up close and personal, losing 33-20.  Two more offensive weapons were lost to injury, Tim Hightower for the season and Santana Moss for at least the next 3 weeks.  Luckily, they're in the same division as the Eagles and Cowboys, whose failures are magnified enough that most will just look past the Redskins, who if nothing else, can be credited for their consistent disappointing seasons.

Brush the Dust off Carson-So that didn't go quite as planned for the Raiders, unless they expected 4 interceptions from Carson Palmer, or 7 as a team, in which they exceeded expectations.  Oakland stalled in their 28-0 loss to the somehow 3-3 Kansas City Chiefs.  Raider fans shouldn't put too much into this, as Palmer only had a few days to learn his teammates' names and a previously unseen playbook.

Cowboys Ride New Horse-While everyone has focused on the ups and downs of Tony Romo, Dallas has lacked a reliable running game all season, resulting in a one-dimensional offense.  Then there was DeMarco Murray, who may have just solved the Cowboys problems.  Now the Rams defense doesn't instil fear into anyone, but 253 yards rushing is still 253 yards rushing.  Especially when that is a team-record, previously held by Emmitt Smith (he was pretty good I believe), and the 253 yards is the ninth-highest mark in NFL history.  Felix Jones' recovery doesn't look as pressing with Murray in the backfield.

Packers Remain Unbeaten-The score is misleading as the Packers were up 33-17 at the start of the fourth quarter.  Aaron Rodgers and the offense have now become a given, at least in my book.  Rodgers has failed to throw for over 300 yards only once this season, a 297-yard performance against the Bears week 3.  The defense doesn't look as dominant as last season which has to be a concern, but it may just be a circumstantial matter.  Consider that the Packers put up so many points, it allows the Packers to be more aggressive knowing that the opposition is likely in passing mode.  When you live and die with aggressive play, you are likely to get beaten every so often.  For what it's worth, the Packers have come up with stops when they needed to, so a bend-but-don't-break ability works well with an offense that has put up at least 30 points in four of seven games.

Saints Race Past Colts-I don't know if Peyton Manning would have matched Drew Brees on their way to 62 points, but I do know that they would've scored more than 7.  Lifes sans Manning continues for the lifeless Colts, who have become the league's rag doll without their Hall of Fame quarterback.  At 0-7 they are in the driver seat for Andrew Luck, but Miami and St. Louis are not far behind at 0-6.  The, "Suck for Luck" race continues.

Ravens Forget Who Opponent Is-I will always give credit where credit is due, and the Jacksonville Jaguars played a game I didn't think they were capable of on Monday night.  That being said, did the Ravens really give Ray Rice only 8 carries?  No wonder Terrell Suggs is questioning the play-calling.  Your most explosive player on offense happens to be a workhorse too, so feed him the ball.

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